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Meet the team: Intercom’s Brand Studio on evolving our brand

Intercom, Inc.

You wouldn’t expect to find a Brand Studio at every tech startup, but then again, we’ve always enjoyed doing things a little bit differently. And lately, they’ve been quite busy with our brand refresh project. In this episode of Inside Intercom, we chat with some of the team behind the brand: Scott Smith , Creative Director.

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5 Costly Branding Mistakes

UX Planet

By Mary Moore, copywriter at Shakuro Branding holds the promise of propelling your venture to new heights, capturing hearts, and securing your place in the market. The last thing you need is to stumble into the abyss of bad branding, a place where countless others have lost their way. Yet, it’s a double-edged sword.


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8 Reasons Why Brand Managers Need Formal Product Marketing Training

280 Group

Businesses exist to sell products and services, and their ability to do so depends largely on the strength of their brand. That’s why the Brand Manager is one of the highest-ranking individuals within an organization, and only experienced candidates are considered for this role. Overlap in Roles. 1: Increase Strategic Impact.

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Mind the Product undergoes a brand refresh

Mind the Product

We’ve been working behind the scenes to refresh our brand and to improve

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Customer Perceptions of the Community Experience

Speaker: Mike Ellis, Vanilla Forums Marketing Manager

In a land of ever-changing customer behaviors and expectations, brands need to understand the experiences customers value the most, and how these can impact their business outcomes. Rather than assume that branded communities meet the expectations of the consumer, we wanted to figure out the ‘want behind the want’.

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How to Create Restaurant Branding Strategies

The Product Coalition

A well-thought restaurant branding helps to create an emotional connection with distinguished customers and makes your restaurant distinctive from others. The answer lies in restaurant branding and marketing strategies. Restaurant branding seems not simple as you might think of choosing a catchy name and its impressive logo.

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Building your Brand Through Social Media

The Product Coalition

You should put some effort and resources into your social media branding. According to most business and consumer marketers who know the statistics, social media is crucial to building a brand. More than 80% of consumers are likely to evaluate brands they follow on social media for solutions. What is Branding?

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How to Use Data to Build Strong Customer Communities

Speaker: Carrie Melissa Jones Founder, Gather Community Consulting

Mediocre, copycat brand communities that fail to deliver on employee or customer expectations. But, brands can avoid this. They simply move ahead with their communities and “iterate” as they go. The results of not performing community member research?

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Marketing-Led COVID-19 Growth Strategies: 2022 and Beyond

This is your chance to create unprecedented brand awareness, bring in the best leads sales has ever seen, and play an instrumental role in generating new and existing business revenue. More than two years into the pandemic, COVID-19 is far from over.

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Research Study: Customer Perceptions of the Community Experience

Rather than assume that branded communities meet the expectations of the consumer, we wanted to figure out the “want behind the want” by asking if customer expectations around CX align with community offerings. What do consumers expect when it comes to CX?

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2021 Community Predictions

Will these unprecedented times expedite the rise of branded communities? What does 2021 have in store for the community profession? What can organizations do to ensure their business remains relevant? This year's Community Predictions has all the answers! 2020 was a year unlike any we've seen in our lifetimes.

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Using Customer Reviews, Advocacy, and Referrals in Your Journey Map

Speaker: Jeremy Boudinet, Marketing Manager, Nextiva

Making a customer want to advocate for your brand takes passion, personalization, and gratitude: all things that can be gracefully elicited throughout the customer journey map. Customer reviews and referrals are invaluable assets to a company--with them, you can build a worthy reputation, attract new customers, and improve your CX.

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The Definitive Guide to Dashboard Design

Great dashboards lead to richer user experiences and significant return on investment (ROI), while poorly designed dashboards distract users, suppress adoption, and can even tarnish your project or brand.

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Research Report: The State of Community Management

In short, a well-maintained community will provide immense brand value and elevate the customer experience. Online communities provide a wealth of benefits for organizations; they impact a variety of customer activities, boost engagement, and provide a range of transformative business services.

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Omnichannel is Multichannel 2.0

With omnichannel marketing, brands take a consumer-centric approach in order to achieve consistent messaging across channels for a more-personal, cohesive experience. Get the tools to turn data into actionable insights and deliver personalized, relevant, timely messaging to increase conversions and maximize your ROI.